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Impostor syndrome and mental models

6 minute read


Jerry and I both love teaching and so (especially now that he’s a professor with students of his own!) we frequently have conversations about pedagogical approaches, and these frequently come back to the idea of mental models. That is, when a student is having trouble understanding something, often it’s because their internal picture of how that system works, or how a new concept connects to old ones, is flawed or incomplete in some way. This could be due to any number of reasons, including (but not limited to):

Why Hello There…

less than 1 minute read


Hi there! I thought I’d start using the blog feature to share my thoughts and/or cool little side projects I take on for fun. This post is really just a placeholder commemorating the fact that I figured out how to turn the blog option back on for the site template. Look forward to some actual content hitting this space soon!